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Workshop with Ian Gibbs

Ian Gibbs



Description In a forever-changing world, the ability to learn new knowledge and new skills is more important than ever. Unfortunately, our current education system is aimed at getting students to follow instructions and get certificates rather than producing autonomous learners.

New recruits usually receive some sort of prescribed semi-formal training (here’s this & do that) but once left on their own, few are aware of how to develop a personal learning strategy to craft their skills for their current jobs or to prepare themselves for the next.

In this talk, Ian Gibbs, gives a brief outline of informal learning strategies to help you strengthen your skillset and give added value.

Key takeaways:

✓ Awareness of informal learning techniques

✓ How to develop a personal learning strategy

✓ How to become more intelligent in 24 hours

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Ian Gibbs

With a degree in Astrophysics from St. Andrews, Scotland and a Postgrad in Education from Cambridge, England, Ian Gibbs is the author of ‘The Sorites Principle’, ‘Learning A Language’, ’23 Tips To Learn Stuff Better’, ’23 Tips To Get Better Grades’ and ‘4×4 Learning’. He is the Head of Learning at Advantage Executive Training and the president of the Professional Speakers’ Association of Spain. Ian defines Learnability as the capacity to approach, absorb and apply new ideas and skills.

He has helped thousands of people of all ages become more effective learners through workshops and presentations on Learning Skills.

His clients include IESE Business School, ADP, Institut Montgròs, Internations, UP! Training Club, IES Picasso, Col.legi Sagrada Familia, HP Sant Cugat, Smart Coaching & Training as well as many Escola Oficial d’Idiomas throughout Catalonia.

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