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M.E.A.T. Speakers Series April 2021

Lukas Liebich

Lukas Liebich

Think Before You Panic: Critical Thinking in Daily Life

Who takes out the trash when you say “We need to take out a trash?”

 How can you improve safety by being very particular about the color of the sweets you want? 

And what should you do when two suitors ask you out for a date – both for next Friday?

Join the “Think Before You Panic” workshop to find out – and improve the way you make decisions!

We are the first choice for advanced rhetorical development in English for Munich Area



Excellent evaluations – as we continuously evaluate our evaluators



We support our members professionally in preparing presentations and speeches


A wide variety of input with workshops and special events on rhetorical topics by external experts

We are the bridge between the home club and the professional speaking world

Give amazing Speeches, Evaluations and Workshops

Munich English Advanced Toastmasters

Toastmasters International

 We support our club members in accordance with Toastmasters Intenational’s vision, mission and values.


Learning in all rhetorical categories (within the realm of Pathways) such as storytelling, academic presentation, inspirational speech, facilitation

We meet

every 1st Saturday of the month

at 10:30 to 12:00

Sometimes, we also meet at 3rd Saturday of the month

MEAT-Munich English Advanced Toastmasters

Our club members

  • stay in their respective home club
    (to avoid “cannibalization”)

  • have completed either CC or Pathways level 2

  • work in Pathways

  • speak English

Our members are valued contributors
to the Toastmasters community
in Division D and beyond

  • An “open buffet” of mentors who push their mentees to realize their potential

  • Excellent time management: thoughtful planning and reliable execution

  • Contest and contest training

MEAT-Munich English Advanced Toastmasters