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Karla Viebahn

Karla Viebahn, DTM, stumbled upon Toastmasters Club Rhetorenschmiede Munich in 2010 and was immediately “addicted”. After several officer roles, she served as Area Director 2015/2016 and progressed to Division Director 2016/2017. She co-founded Munich English Advanced Toastmasters (2016).and continued to found and sponsor InnSpiratoren Rosenheim (chartered 2019) and INgolSpeakers Ingolstadt (2019). She currently holds additional memberships in Rhetorenschmiede, INgolSpeakers and serves as VPE of Ruhr Speakers Essen.

Being president of this club and leading such a team of experienced Toastmasters is an honor for Karla. The officer team aims to provide additional value and challenges for our experienced members while maintaining a fun and supporting club environment.

Vice President Education

Zsofia Bodo

MEAT-Tulia Lopes

Vice President Membership

Tulia Lopes

Tulia Lopes, DTM, started in 2009 at the Prestigious Speakers in Barcelona. She got hooked to Toastmasters from the beginning and in 6 months after joining she became the VP Education, and consequently the President of Prestigious Speakers the following year.
While living in Zurich, Switzerland she co-founded two clubs: Top Notch Toastmasters Zurich and Walk the Talk Advanced Toastmasters.
She is currently member of Prostmasters Munich and M.E.A.T. where she is happy to serve as VP Membership.
Advanced clubs are a challenge because they have to provide an extra edge that will differentiate them from other standard clubs. And in M.E.A.T. we, the officers, are up for the challenge to meet the high expectations of our members.


Vice President Public Relations

Brigitte Herder

Brigitte Herder, DTM started in 2008 at the Toastmasterclub Speakers’s Corner in Munich. She is a co-founder of the Redeclub Munich. She has supported her clubs, Area and Division D in various officer functions. Currently she is working as VPPR at the Redeclub-Munich and MEAT. She is enthusiastic about MEAT because there is networking and feedback from very experienced Toastmasters.




Esther Debus-Gregor

Esther Debus-Gregor, DTM, joined the Munich Toastmasters Club in 2008. Since then, she has served in various officer roles, as an Area Director and club mentor. Apart from M.E.A.T., she is currently a member of the German-speaking club Rhetorenschmiede in Munich and has participated in speech contests up to the District level. She enjoys the challenge and encouragement provided by an advanced club and is thrilled to be part of an enthusiastic professional officer team.



Florian Allwein

Dr. Florian Allwein joined Toastmasters (Hellfire club) in 2008 while living in Dublin and continued his career in London (Tube Talk). Now back in his home town, he is excited that there is an advanced English speaking club here. Florian served as president in his two former clubs and participated in humorous speech contests up to District level. He currently serves as Treasurer at MEAT and VP Communications at Munich Media Speakers.

Sergeant at Arms

Peter Hall

Peter Hall joined Toastmasters in 2015 and since then, the club atmosphere and the learning opportunities has become an important part of his life.

We meet

every 1st Saturday of the month

at 10:30 to 12:00

We also meet at 3rd Saturday of the month