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Toastmasters Clubs in Munich

Toastmaster Clubs in Munich

We have 13 Toastmaster Clubs in Munich.

There are German, English, French and one advanced club. Almost every weekday there is a possibility to visit a Toastmaster Club.

Monday: Redeclub-München, Speakers Corner, Brainstormers

Tuesday: French Club: CRFM Les Franc-Parleurs de Munich, Deutsch-Chinesicher Club

Wednesday: Prostmasters Munich, Munich Toastmaster, Media Speakers Munich. Toastmasters-Mü

Thursday: Rhetorenschmiede, Munich Business Speakers

Saturday: M.E.A.T.

Sunday: Effective Communicatior

French Toastmasterclub in Munich

We meet

every 1st Saturday of the month

at 10:30 to 12:30

Sometimes we also meet on the 3rd Saturday of the month.