A Powerful Preparation Process

The workshop with John Zimmer was great. We learned a lot and now have a guide with 4 steps to prepare our speeches purposefully.
This creates a speech that engages the audience, delivers good content, and that listeners will remember for a long time.
Preparation is the key to a good speech. Because very often we do not proceed so systematically. We are already designing PowerPoint before we have even made the most important preparations.
We can save a lot of time if we are clear from the beginning where we want to go.
John really gave us his secrets for good speech preparation. He also answered many questions and gave additional tips from his practice.
For those who weren’t there, you can read the key points in the article on John Zimmer’s blog: How to write a speech outline.
On John Zimmer’s new Youtube channel you can find a video with
7 Tips to Make you a Better Public Speaker. If you subscribe to the channel, you will immediately hear about all new releases from John Zimmer.
Thank you John Zimmer for sharing your knowledge with us.
About John Zimmer
Nine Times European Champion of Toastmasters public speaking contests  and a TEDx Speaker, and is regularly invited to speak at corporate and other events around the world.
John’s extensive global experiences and foreign language skills enable him to connect with audiences of any culture.
John Zimmer regularly publishes new articles on his well-known blog:
The manner of speaking.
Which is read worldwide and has over 4 million views.