Workshop with Jessica Breitenfeld

Jessica Breitenfeld

How to be funnier- a surprising three-step process

Never ask your audience to turn on their camera. Rather invite them to engage with you. Interactive keynotes are the new normal and you can make your talks funnier, you can make your audience feel seen and you can get rebooked- By following the rules of humor and practicing the humortude- the mindset of humor. Your audience will thank you. 

“People forget what you say but they will never forget how you made them feel”
Maya Angelou

Online, how do you know if your message is reaching them?

How can you engage and invite them to participate?

You change how you see them- they are not just an audience- rather they are
cocreators in your performance. There are two words that can shift how you see
the world and we will explore the power of them in a three step process to more
collaborative, engaging and dynamic presentations. We will explore how to be
funnier, more present and how to make the audience feel you are there for them.
Serious games and secrets of communication will be explored. Get ready for the

Jess is a certified applied improvisation practitioner, a volunteer
hospital clown and a therapist in Gestalt Psychotherapy. She has traveled
to forty-six countries and lived in eight- and she has discovered the two words
that can change how you see the world. She is called the Team Whisperer for her
engaging Team Trainings, has taught at Esade University and most importantly
always empowers participants to use their humour and humanness to thrive and
build trust in her LAB Experiences.

Jessica is a member of five Professional Speakers Associations and is
the runner up winner of London´s annual Speaker Factor contest. In Toastmasters
she was awarded Best in Barcelona in Evaluation and International Speech
contest these last two years, she is here to help us engage our audience using
tricks Therapists use in online sessions to feel the participants.


We had a very dynamic and educational workshop with Jessica. Now we know how to make our speeches more humorous. But we have to implement it ourselves.