What does it take to make a TED talk?- Workshop with Noberto Amaral

MEAT-Munich English Advanced Toastmasters
Meet Norberto Amaral, our next workshop leader.
What does it take to make a TED talk?

Since 2006 when the first six TED talks hit YouTube, they took over the world.

Now spread across the globe in tens of thousands of events, over 160,000 talks, and billions of views, the “TED talk” format is popularised and within reach.
In this workshop, Norberto Amaral shares his tips and tricks for a good TED talk.
What does it take to make a TED talk?
How does it compare with a ‘regular’ presentation?
And, most importantly, do you have what it takes to do one?
Come to this workshop to get an insight into this increasingly relevant format and how you can benefit from it!
Organization fee for our club business: 9,99€
This Workshop is for Toastmaster club member.
About Norberto Amaral 
Norberto Amaral is a communications consultant, trainer and coach, helping people and institutions deliver amazing presentations in public – in front of two, two hundred, or two thousand people. Recently he wrote a book on this subject called ‘Impact – How to Communicate in Public’ – published by Penguin Random House, so far only in Portuguese.
He leads and organises TEDxPorto, Portugal’s largest TEDx event, curating a wonderful experience, including speakers with some of the most life- and world-changing ideas and projects from Porto to the world, and from the world to Porto.
He has been a Toastmaster since 2011, having performed various leadership roles, namely vice-president and president of his club, area director and division director. He attained recently the status of Distinguished Toastmaster. Currently he’s the Administration Manager of the Core Team for District 107 (Portugal, Spain, Morocco and Andorra)
Norberto is managing partner of Cultiv, a consulting company for communication, creativity and innovation, organisation of events and design of workspaces.