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Morag Mathieson’s Celebration Luncheon

Morag Mathieson’s ascension to the presidency of Toastmasters International for 2023-2024 marks a significant milestone in the organisation’s history. A native of Scotland who now lives in Möhrendorf, Bavaria, Mathieson brings a wealth of experience from her 17 years as a member, having held numerous leadership positions at both district and international levels. Her election as the second European and first woman outside of North America to hold the position reflects a broader shift within the organisation towards greater inclusivity and diversity in its leadership ranks.

With a distinguished background as a self-employed consultant specialising in people development and as chair of a charity, Morag Mathieson’s leadership skills are well honed. Her previous role as Managing Director of a pharmacy chain in Northern Ireland underlines her ability to lead complex organisations. In 2012, she achieved the highest level of training in Toastmasters, becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster, demonstrating her commitment to the organisation’s values and her personal development.

Morag Mathieson’s leadership style is characterised by a focus on teamwork, task completion and the development of individual potential. She sees her primary role as recognising, nurturing and supporting leadership in others, a philosophy that resonates deeply with the core mission of Toastmasters. Her approach is to empower members to perform at their best by fostering a culture of shared responsibility and proactive engagement.

As International President, Morag Mathieson has outlined several key objectives for her term. These include adapting the organisation to changing circumstances while maintaining its core mission of developing communication and leadership skills. She also aims to lead the organisation in achieving its overarching goal of empowering individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders. This vision for leadership is not just about filling roles, but about actively contributing to the organisation’s mission.

Another important aspect of Morag Mathieson’s agenda is to promote the growth of confidence among members, which she believes is one of the greatest benefits of the Toastmasters programme. By improving communication and leadership skills, members can positively impact all facets of their lives. In addition, Morag Mathieson plans to serve as a “working ambassador” for Toastmasters, developing policies and procedures to help the organisation achieve its mission.

Morag Mathieson’s presidency has its challenges. She must navigate the evolution of Toastmasters in an ever-changing global landscape, manage a diverse and culturally rich membership base, and ensure effective leadership development throughout the organisation. In addition, her role in developing organisational governance and making impactful decisions is critical to maintaining the integrity and direction of Toastmasters.

Her journey with Toastmasters, shared with her husband, David Mathieson, who is also a Distinguished Toastmaster, symbolises a partnership that has flourished within the values and goals of the organisation. This personal aspect of her leadership journey adds a unique dimension to her presidency, embodying the collaborative and supportive spirit of Toastmasters.

In conclusion, Morag Mathieson’s tenure as International President of Toastmasters International has been marked by a wealth of experience, a deep commitment to leadership development, and a clear vision for the future of the organisation. Her leadership is likely to have a lasting impact on Toastmasters, driving it towards greater inclusivity, adaptability and global influence in the field of communication and leadership training.

We are celebrating Morag’s Luncheon on 29 June in Nuremberg from 2 to 6 pm.
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