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Stage fright and the art of speech structure: a guide to confident speaking

There are effective strategies for mastering stage fright. A clearly defined structure is the backbone of any effective speech. A well-structured presentation not only helps the audience to follow and understand the key points, but also gives the speaker a sense of confidence and control.

Stage fright is a natural reaction that can be overcome with the right preparation and a well-thought-out speech structure. 

This will be the subject of our next workshop.

About the Workshop-Leader: Brigitte Herder

Brigitte is an experienced Toastmaster, active in several clubs and the Toastmaster organization. She has extensive experience in organizing and running workshops.

You are welcome to participate on site at the

New European College (NEC)

Wolfratshauser Str. 84, 81379 Munich

Why attend?
– Transform your approach to speaking to make a real impact.
– Learn from experienced speakers and communicators.
– Engage in practical activities designed to unlock your potential.

Who should attend?

This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to expand their public speaking skills.


Secure your place today and start your journey to more memorable, emotional and effective speeches.