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Speakers Series

We offer workshops for our members and Toastmasters from other clubs.

By bringing professional speakers and trainers to give workshops to our M.E.A.T. club, we aim to raise the bar of what is expected from our club and its members.

The speakers come from our club or we invite well-known speakers and trainers who are willing to share their knowledge and experience.

MEAT Speakers series
Ellen Hermens

January 2023

Ellen Hermens

How to moderate difficult Teams in Hybrid Meetings
Moderating hybrid meetings – are you prepared for the unexpected?
Moderating meetings with challenging team members – can you handle it?
Disturbances in meetings need to be handled thoroughly, disturbing team members need to be lead carefully, if you want your meeting to be successful.
The Devil’s Facilitation Playground is a special setup to practice moderation skills with a difficult audience.
During short prepared sample panel discussions, all participants will experience the effects of disturbing attendees – and see, how our sample moderators try to handle it.
After the panel discussions, we will have a big common feedback round, where we can share our experiences:
  • Which intervention of the moderators did work best? Why?
  • Which did not work, at all? Why?
In our 2h workshop, we even go one step further and work with a hybrid setup!
About Ellen Hermens.
As a trainer and coach, she analyzes and communicates the differences between these experiences and how her clients achieve the desired result. In the literature, such leadership is called “Agile Employee Leadership” and many techniques and methods are known as Management 3.0.
For years, Ellen Hermens has been coaching and training leaders from business and non-profit organizations in modern, sustainable leadership that motivates teams to lead with ownership at eye level.
Her leadership experience comes from over 15 years in leadership roles in an international non-profit organization where the leaders are volunteers who are elected or appointed annually. This already holds an environment in which it is best to motivate team members to act autonomously and self-organized in the spirit of agile leadership. From many conversations and trainings with seasoned leaders from industry, business, and corporations, it is apparent that these experiences are transferable to businesses and government agencies as they address fundamental leadership skills.
She is a founding member of our club and has been active in the Toastmaster organization for many years.
Ian Gibbs

February 2022

Ian Gibbs



Description In a forever-changing world, the ability to learn new knowledge and new skills is more important than ever. Unfortunately, our current education system is aimed at getting students to follow instructions and get certificates rather than producing autonomous learners.

New recruits usually receive some sort of prescribed semi-formal training (here’s this & do that) but once left on their own, few are aware of how to develop a personal learning strategy to craft their skills for their current jobs or to prepare themselves for the next.

In this talk, Ian Gibbs, gives a brief outline of informal learning strategies to help you strengthen your skillset and give added value.

Key takeaways:

Awareness of informal learning techniques

How to develop a personal learning strategy

How to become more intelligent in 24 hours

Ian Gibbs

With a degree in Astrophysics from St. Andrews, Scotland and a Postgrad in Education from Cambridge, England, Ian Gibbs is the author of ‘The Sorites Principle’, ‘Learning A Language’, ’23 Tips To Learn Stuff Better’, ’23 Tips To Get Better Grades’ and ‘4×4 Learning’. He is the Head of Learning at Advantage Executive Training and the president of the Professional Speakers’ Association of Spain.

Ian defines Learnability as the capacity to approach, absorb and apply new ideas and skills.

He has helped thousands of people of all ages become more effective learners through workshops and presentations on Learning Skills.

His clients include IESE Business School, ADP, Institut Montgròs, Internations, UP! Training Club, IES Picasso, Col.legi Sagrada Familia, HP Sant Cugat, Smart Coaching & Training as well as many Escola Oficial d’Idiomas throughout Catalonia.

Jessica Breitenfeld
December 2021

Jessica Breitenfeld

Never ask your audience to turn on their camera. Rather invite them to engage with you. Interactive keynotes are the new normal and you can make your talks funnier, you can make your audience feel seen and you can get rebooked- By following the rules of humor and practicing the humortude- the mindset of humor. Your audience will thank you. 

“People forget what you say but they will never forget how you made them feel”
Maya Angelou

Online, how do you know if your message is reaching them?

How can you engage and invite them to participate?

You change how you see them- they are not just an audience- rather they are
cocreators in your performance. There are two words that can shift how you see
the world and we will explore the power of them in a three step process to more
collaborative, engaging and dynamic presentations. We will explore how to be
funnier, more present and how to make the audience feel you are there for them.
Serious games and secrets of communication will be explored. Get ready for the

Jess is a certified applied improvisation practitioner, a volunteer
hospital clown and a therapist in Gestalt Psychotherapy. She has traveled
to forty-six countries and lived in eight- and she has discovered the two words
that can change how you see the world. She is called the Team Whisperer for her
engaging Team Trainings, has taught at Esade University and most importantly
always empowers participants to use their humour and humanness to thrive and
build trust in her LAB Experiences.

Jessica is a member of five Professional Speakers Associations and is
the runner up winner of London´s annual Speaker Factor contest. In Toastmasters
she was awarded Best in Barcelona in Evaluation and International Speech
contest these last two years, she is here to help us engage our audience using
tricks Therapists use in online sessions to feel the participants.

November 2021

Caroline Dream

A practical dive into captivating stage body language 

At the start of your life your physical creativity was unimpaired. As a six month old baby you made around 3,000 exploratory movements each day. At primary school you continued without inhibitions, delighting in your spontaneous physical expression. By secondary school however, you were forced to reign in your natural physical exuberance and sit on a chair for up to 6 hours a day. And from then on? Things probably only got worse.

Education and adulthood may have had a straitjacket effect on your non-verbal communication skills, but you were once a master communicator. You knew exactly how to captivate attention with imaginative body language.

This workshop is a practical dive into unearthing your former skill. By means of a few simple and enjoyable clown exercises, you’ll shake off inhibitions and rediscover your unique physical self-expression.

Recover your freedom to move in just 60 minutes! 

About Caroline
Caroline has accumulated over 30 years of stage experience as a professional clown. Hailed by audiences and press alike as “captivating, creative and comical”, her shows have toured most of Europe and picked up several awards along the way.
She began her career as a trainer in 1998, teaching clown courses for Cirque du Soleil artists in Las Vegas (USA) and has since taught clown technique to people from all walks of life all over the world.
Her love of public speaking was empowered through 7 years study at Toastmasters. She won the District 59 International Speech Competition in 2018, leads training groups at IESE Business School (Barcelona) in Public Speaking for Leaders, and is a co-founder of the Professional Speakers Association Spain.
Lukas Liebich

April 2021

Lukas Liebich

Think Before You Panic: Critical Thinking in Daily Life

Who takes out the trash when you say “We need to take out a trash?” 
How can you improve safety by being very particular about the color of the sweets you want?
And what should you do when two suitors ask you out for a date – both for next Friday?

Join the “Think Before You Panic” workshop to find out – and improve the way you make decisions!

About Lukas Liebich
Facilitator of Design Thinking Workshops and soft skill trainer. Past District Director of D110 – the Wild East of Europe. And a guy who is feared for making his audiences sing Britney Spears songs during training. In his quiet moments writes observations about Toastmasters and life at

April 2021

John Zimmer
A Powerful Preparation Process

It has been said that if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Good preparation is the foundation of any successful speech or presentation.
In this workshop, John will share with us a simple, but powerful 4-step exercise that he goes through every time he prepares for a speech or presentation, and it is something that you can use for your talks. 

For those who weren’t there, you can read the key points in the article on John Zimmer’s blog: How to write a speech-outline
On John Zimmer’s new Youtube channel you can find a video with
 7 Tips to Make you a Better Public Speaker.
If you subscribe to the channel, you will immediately hear about all new releases from John Zimmer.
About John Zimmer
Nine Times European Champion of Toastmasters public speaking contests  and a TEDx Speaker, and is regularly invited to speak at corporate and other events around the world.
John’s extensive global experiences and foreign language skills enable him to connect with audiences of any culture.
John Zimmer regularly publishes new articles on his well-known blog:
The manner of speaking.
Which is read worldwide and has over 4 million views.
He has spoken to thousands of people in 25 countries on five continents. 
Discover this podcast with John Zimmer: The Truth of the Stoyteller
Norberto Amaral

February 2021

Norberto Amaral

What does it take to make a TED talk?

Since 2006 when the first six TED talks hit YouTube, they took over the world.
Now spread across the globe in tens of thousands of events, over 160,000 talks, and billions of views, the “TED talk” format is popularised and within reach.
In this workshop, Norberto Amaral shares his tips and tricks for a good TED talk.
What does it take to make a TED talk?
How does it compare with a ‘regular’ presentation?
And, most importantly, do you have what it takes to do one?
Come to this workshop to get an insight into this increasingly relevant format and how you can benefit from it!
MEAT-Munich English Advanced Toastmasters

January 2021

Olvia Schofield
See Me – Find your authentic story for your next speech

This workshop is about showing the participants how to tap into their authentic being and craft personal stories that are relevant to the audience, and come across with confidence and authenticity.

About Olivia Schofield

Olivia Schofield is an international award winning keynote speaker. She is dedicated to helping professional men and women develop their presentation and public speaking skills, their executive presence and their ability to inspire as leaders. She delivers keynotes, runs workshops and offers individual coaching worldwide.

She is a member of the Berlin Toastmasters. She was a finalist at the Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking in Las Vegas in 2011 and is known in the Toastmasters world for her great workshops e.g. in Boras and Athens, among other places.

We meet

every 1st Saturday of the month

at 10:30 to 12:30

Sometimes we also meet on the 3rd Saturday of the month.