New Words, New Experiences

By Tulia Lopes

When it comes to M.E.A.T. meetings, you can always expect some juicy bits to digest. Starting from our Word of Day, “ANAPHASIA, given by Markus Künkel, our grammarian. You might search in Google, or check the English dictionary and…TADA… surprise!

You won’t find it. And that was the point. Markus came across an article in the Financial Times about John Konig, a young writer who is having his time as a “new Shakespeare” and has published a book with the new words he has invented… in case you are wondering, ANAPHASIA means “things breaking down or falling apart”.After that, without breaking down or falling apart we were taken to a futuristic time travel to meet some aliens Florian Allwein, introduced us to in his Table Topics.

As one of the Table Topics speakers I was asked to introduce those aliens to one of the world leaders. Can you guess my pick? It was, “Mutti”. I believe many will miss her leadership from now on. The highlights of the meeting were given by the speeches of Zsofia Bodó and Michael Anterberger. Zsofia shared with us her “academic research in a nutshell” and Michael “how to wipe away conflicts, using solution by dissolution”.

At M.E.A.T. we praise that Evaluation is our best friend, so the cherry at the top of the cake of this savory meeting was given by Naomi Isaacs, our General Evaluator who showed us some “though love” with her feedback. And we do love that!

All in all, another enlightening and entertaining learning experience for a Saturday morning.
Come and M.E.A.T. us next Saturday, October 16th.