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Today our Table Topic Master Peter has introduced us to the app.

Rhetoric – The Public Speaking Game™

and used it to select impromptu speech topics.
It was a new experience and well worth it.

John (the developer of this app) writes on his website:

The purpose of the game is to give people a fun way to improve their public speaking skills. It’s like other board games in that you roll the dice and move your marker around the board. But in RHETORIC, every time it’s your turn, you have to stand up and give a one- to two-minute speech in front of your fellow players. There are four types of speeches:

Topic – Players draw a card with one or two words on it. They must talk about the topic.

Challenge – Players draw a card that has a challenging question or statement on it. Challenges will expand your comfort zone!

Question – Each player can ask the speaker an impromptu question about any topic. The speaker then spins a wheel that determines the structure of the answer.

Reflection – Players can talk about anything they want. No cards, no questions, no restrictions. They have a free hand.

The app version of RHETORIC has three themes (Classic, Family and Business) and can be played in six languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Catalan).

It’s a fun, inexpensive, and educational source of entertainment.

John Zimmer and Florian Mück (members at Toastmasters International) designed the game to challenge and inspire people. They also designed it to help everyone realize that the ability to speak well in public is something everyone can learn. And learn to enjoy it!

Toastmaster magazine featured articles about the Rhetoric – The Public Speaking Game™ app a while ago.

Available:  on App Store and Google Play