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Spring Clean!

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by Peter Hall
The first MEAT meeting of spring called for a spring cleaning of the mind: opening the closet of dank and musty thoughts, throwing open the windows to the fresh air of new ideas and impulses.

President Karla opened the meeting, calling all MEAT members to step up to the challenge and take up an officer role. Your club needs YOU!

Toastmaster Esther invited us celebrate spring by adopting new ideas.

Grammarian Peter, introduced the word of the day: Embrace. Embrace yourself, your partner, your teddy. Embrace new ideas, new trends. Embrace the hope that soon we will be able to embrace people outside your family again.

Table topics Master Hector set the stage with the challenge to perform a personal and environmental spring cleaning.

TT Contestant Christina reflected that a detox process can clean the mind of toxic thoughts.
TT Contestant Karla tried every diet fad but has settled for a bit of old fashioned exercise.
TT Contestant Esther carried a mind full of monkeys to India before she finally understood meditation.
TT Contestant Zsófia cannot contemplate electronic silence given the importance of staying in touch with her parents.
TT Contestant Florian recommends that we watch our carbon footprint (when the situation allows it)
TT Contestant Claudia suggests that we redesign products to be environmentally friendly.

The Speeches

Claudia, a marketing professional described her struggle with virtual disconnection from her colleagues.

Zsófia shared her story of her journey from school to organizing a large international conference.

Bence told us about the benefits of embracing the possibility of failure when working in challenging projects.

The Evaluation

General Evaluator Markus encouraged us to round off meetings while referencing the themes that were presented at the beginning of the meeting.