Preparation and presentation


By Karla Viebahn, DTM, President 2020/2021 at M.E.A.T. 

Imagine: 88% of club members present, the 1,5 hr agenda filled to the brim, guests arrive and the three speeches titles evoke curiosity. Sounds like the basic ingredients of a satisfactory time spent online? Indeed. Yet – what could turn this “time well spent” into a magnet and inspiration for further visits? At our last meeting (Dec 5th), we could witness Claudia turning Table Topics “Toasts & other challenges” into a firework of stories. Not only did she prepare excellently her topic and leading thoughts, she also seemingly instinctively picked the most apt volunteer. And did they rise to their individual (fictional) occasion! Whether it was Naomi praising a senior birthday boy or Michael motivating for an unwelcomed change in project. Mesmerizing and moving words – off the cuff.  

Equally the speeches captivated all. Esther’s personal account “How to square the circle” on Working Out Loud as her favoured mentoring method, Stefan’s bitingly ironic new Year’s toast and Tulia’s “My Leap of Faith” into Toastmasters which presented her to a rather unexpected turn of events. 

Like a good meal, a well prepared and presented Toastmaster morning, seasoned with measured hints and prudently observed by a friendly-yet-firm timer (kudos @Christina) makes a satisfying and nourishing experience that we wish to repeat frequently.