life was like a box of chocolates.

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life was like a box of chocolates.

by Peter Hall

Karla, our esteemed president, opened the meeting with a gong, calling together all M.E.A.T. members and guests to the first meeting of Pandemic Year 2021.

“Life is like a box of chocolates; you don’t know which you’re gonna get”

Our meeting did contain many tasty and rich toastmaster delicacies.

Christine (Grammarian) commenced with the word of the day : to commence. A perfect setup for the new year theme.

Bence (Toastmaster) dived into the role and with wit and aplomb and introduced the agenda.

Hector (Table Topics) without missing a beat, maintained the tone of the meeting with some penetrating questions about how the members and guest experience New Year’s past, present and in the future.

Zsofia, Claudia, Peter, Bogdan, Michael, Naomi and Brigitte gave their best to speak for up to two minutes while creating structure and content on-the-fly.

The box was open and out came two delectable speeches.

Claudia told a story about the love of her life. Her city: Munich. Along the way, we received solid advice from her father: “Don’t turn on the kettle and the oven at the same time.”

Zsofia then reflected on her completed Pathways path with a journey through the various personal and professional challenges and how her Toastmaster experience has provided more confidence to step up when the opportunity arises.

Naomi and Esther, in their speech evaluations, provided layers of hard truth wrapped in a sweet coating.

Karla (Timekeeper) and Michael (Ah-counter) gave a report on how well (or otherwise) we had carried the Toastmaster values of punctuality and conciseness.

One more chocolate, waiting to be devoured, is Olivia’s workshop next week.

Our guest, Bogdan liked the enthusiasm and energy and good organisation.