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By Claudia M.E.A.T. Member

What makes me personally really proud of our club? When some guests like Alex gets up at 4 am in Canada. When Peter, Hector, Zsófia and Markus makes us laugh out loud by trying to convince a very authentic Santa Clause (played by Alex) that Christmas only via Zoom is a bad idea (kudos @Naomi for that wonderful table topic). When a speaker like Christina goes above and beyond by adding a new touch to the agenda and we listened to an inspiring podcast interview that was part of her speaking project.

As you can already guess – it was the last get-together before the Christmas break. But there was no sign of tiredness. Our last Zoom meeting in the old year was rather characterised by a firework of inspiring speeches and interactive methods that made time fly by.

Our president Karla started with a survey: What is your Christmas mood this year like? The result? One third asked themselves “Christmas?!?!” and more than 40% neither feel a particularly strong Christmas mood nor have an aversion to it. Interesting… One possible interpretation of the results: It can’t go fast enough for our club members until we meet again on 9 January. Our Grammarian (Esther) surprised us with a completely new interactive method: a virtual post-it’s wall revealed our grammar mistakes. What a fun and delight to figure out together the correct wording.

Our theme of this Toastmasters morning, carefully chosen by Michael was “Love it, change it, or learn how to live with it”. Looking back at the exciting Toastmaster year, I guess we all have to learn how to live with three long weeks without M.E.A.T..

Happy holidays!