Workshop with Caroline Dream

13.11.2021 @ 16:00 – 17:30
Workshop with Caroline Dream

A practical dive into captivating stage body language 


At the start of your life your physical creativity was unimpaired. As a six month old baby you made around 3,000 exploratory movements each day. At primary school you continued without inhibitions, delighting in your spontaneous physical expression. By secondary school however, you were forced to reign in your natural physical exuberance and sit on a chair for up to 6 hours a day. And from then on? Things probably only got worse.

Education and adulthood may have had a straitjacket effect on your non-verbal communication skills, but you were once a master communicator. You knew exactly how to captivate attention with imaginative body language.

This workshop is a practical dive into unearthing your former skill. By means of a few simple and enjoyable clown exercises, you’ll shake off inhibitions and rediscover your unique physical self-expression.

Recover your freedom to move in just 60 minutes!



Caroline has accumulated over 30 years of stage experience as a professional clown. Hailed by audiences and press alike as “captivating, creative and comical”, her shows have toured most of Europe and picked up several awards along the way.

She began her career as a trainer in 1998, teaching clown courses for Cirque du Soleil artists in Las Vegas (USA) and has since taught clown technique to people from all walks of life all over the world.

Her love of public speaking was empowered through 7 years study at Toastmasters. She won the District 59 International Speech Competition in 2018, leads training groups at IESE Business School (Barcelona) in Public Speaking for Leaders, and is a co-founder of the Professional Speakers Association Spain.

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