Energy and audacity – our power mix

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By Esther Debus-Gregor, DTM, Secretary 2020/2021 at M.E.A.T.

Need energy on a Saturday morning? Start your day with other M.E.A.T.ers!

I did not know what to expect when our Toastmaster of the morning Zsófia did an unexpected round-robin right at the beginning: What energizes you? With contributions ranging from various blends of coffee to different kinds of yoga, the suggestions offered by fellow club members were enough to raise the overall energy level to the max. So we were well prepared to answer Hector’s Table Topic questions that evolved around challenging situations (vertigo, anyone?).

For me, it’s always a highlight when we welcome guests to our club who bring their own unique perspective and this time was no different. Sven, an experienced Toastmaster, gave his first-ever English  Table Topic speech and Ratna who joined us from England commented expertly on our use of words. As grammarian she challenged us to use the word of the day “audacious” and that is what we tried to be!

Listening to an advanced Toastmaster giving his icebreaker is always a treat, and Peter managed to paint a vivid image of his childhood and his familiy while at the same time inspiring us with the deeper insights from looking back now, as a grown man. But as inspiring as the message was, for me it was even more inspiring to watch and maybe pick up a few tricks from another speaker. After all, that’s one of the reasons I think our club is great.

See you next time on a Saturday morning, online!